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elk hunting in north Idaho

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::Clark Fork Outfitters::
Welcomes you to North IDAHO

Clark Fork Outfitters It's with great pleasure I am announcing the new owner of Clark Fork Outfitters. Leon Brown will be the new owner in 2012. Leon was a employee/guide during my ownership. He is a perfect match being he has the knowledge of the area, a third generation houndsman and a quality individual. I invite all past and future hunters to contact Leon to hunt with him.

Again, all the best to my friends in the hunting industry and to all past clients.

Happy Hunting! Happy New Year!
Mark C. Berry



Clark Fork Outfitters is a family owned business that operates on approximately 110 square miles of remote yet accessible diverse and game rich territory in the Kaniksu National Forest in North Idaho.


We were fortunate enough to purchase Clark Fork Outfitters in 2012 but we are far from new to the outfitting and guiding business. I have been in the industry for over ten years now and have guided for Clark Fork Outfitters since 2004. Molly has been right there with me the entire time, cooking in camps and assisting with day to day operations, she is probably the most versatile asset on our staff. This experience in the industry has shaped our basic business plan. We will provide quality hunts at reasonable prices with great home cooked meals, personalized service and well organized daily operations. For a list of references that I have personally guided in Idaho, California or Nevada send us a message. I am a full time outfitter and guide, I do not have a second career to distract attention from providing quality service to my clients.


Our guides are people who have a record of being very successful in their fields of specialization. From devoted life long hound men to full blown elkoholics and whitetail fanatics they are all focused and passionate about their hunting. There will be no surprises with these people as I have known all of them for years. As North Idaho natives and life long hunters we know who has a reputation for being honest, sincere, hard working, easy to get along with and successful in the field. All of our employees fit this description or they find some other place to work. We know how to work hard, enjoy good company and get the most enjoyment and opportunity for success from hunting this spectacular area.


This season we will be offering what I feel are some very inexpensive hunts. I need to establish an income, employ a few quality guides and pay the bills. I am not concerned with making a large profit the first season, so my prices are competitive not because I plan to give minimal service but because I am more concerned with keeping myself and my guides making a wage than I am with profit margin on any given hunt.


If you have been to Clark Fork Outfitters website before check out the hunting page and the rates page as there are many changes, new text, new pictures and more competitive prices. There are also a few small policy changes. If you have never visited the site before then welcome and enjoy.


We look forward to discussing your hunting goals with you, helping you pick and plan a hunt you will truly enjoy and providing the best possible service at any price for less than you might expect. We are here to stay and building a reputation of excellence is our highest priority. We will do this by offering complete honesty, hard earned real world expertise and service that is second to none to those who inquire or enlist our services. We will make our money over the long haul through hard work and wise investment, just as we always have.


If you are considering a hunt with us please click on this link and read the reviews to see the standard of excellence that has been established here at Clark Fork Outfitters.


If you have hunted with us in the past but have not posted a review or have not posted an update since your most recent hunt please post one.


Thank You for visiting the site and feel free to give us a call  between 7a.m. and 7p.m. Pacific Standard time or send us a message any time.


Leon, Molly, Ashley and Devon Brown

P.O. Box 311
Clark Fork, ID 83811


208-290-3087 (Leon’s cell)





We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express. Pay with your card and we will donate a portion of the transaction fee to the NRA-ILA.

Oneill Williams & Dave Ott
"Oneill Outside TV OLN"

Hunt North Idaho

"The First Lady of Hunting"

Takes a Pope & Young Lion with Clark Fork Outfitters.

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Guaranteed Elk Tags.

Most states have ended there tag lotteries. But Clark Fork Outfitters guarantees Elk Tags for all their hunters.

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